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Pleasure Potential

Reflect on how you pursue or inhibit your pleasure

Female pleasure has never been more visible, but that visibility has shown just how far we still have to go. Multiple studies show that the pleasure gap is real, and women are overwhelmingly conditioned to normalize and accept what they experience. The Pleasure Potential quiz is a tool of rebellion. It is intended for people with vulvas* to think about their subjective satisfaction and deepen their self-understanding.

Society needs to undergo a seismic shift when it comes to the education and representation of pleasure. However, change begins with the individual. Erotic introspection is crucial for individuals to have better, “fuck yeah” sexual experiences. For society at large to have the same, we need even more visibility and honest conversations. We hope all who take the quiz can gain valuable insights from it and share it wide and far. Be part of a positively toe-curling revolution!

*We use the term “people with vulvas” throughout to specify that women, trans men, and non-binary people are part of our audience. When referencing research, we mirror the language used in the study. Contact us at if you feel we can improve in our language; we’re always learning!

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