We’re Alison and Sotiris, a couple of designers and an actual couple. No fancy doctorates—just a shared passion for sex-positivity and good design.

Our Mission

Cunni creates tools that empower sexual pleasure through self-discovery and better human connections.

Transformative Technology

At Cunni, we believe technology—designed responsibly and used conscientiously—can help us lead more mindful and fulfilling lives.

Mutual Pleasure

Partnered sex should be considerate and consensual. Sounds simple, yet the "pleasure gap", mass media and SO many people's experiences show that we have far to go.

Inclusive sex-positivity

At Cunni, we know pleasure equality is only possible with inclusive, intersectional dialogue. Everyone has different contexts and experiences, and there is no one right way to be sex-positive.
The people behind Cunni

What kind of person decides to make a sex toy?



The Voice

Alison is a graphic designer and art director. She is Chinese-American but moved around a lot growing up, living in the U.S., China and Singapore all before the age of 18. She’s always been interested in sexuality and politics of the body—and proudly promiscuous—which she now channels into Cunni as the company’s voice and visual direction.

1. What have you rebelled against in your life?

The idea that a woman should “love herself” by being modest. This is something my mom said to me a lot, but she was just trying to protect me from a world that punishes women for being bold, sexual and complex.

2. What’s your 4-word life story?

“Everyone, let’s get weird”

3. What was your last paradigm shift?

The idea that behind every conflict, there is an unmet need. This doesn’t mean we should prioritize the offenders over their victims, but I’ve been trying to look at people who do awful things or believe in dangerous ideas with more compassion and context.

4. What is your “never again” moment?

I was in a relationship where there was a very one-sided physical chemistry. I will never again underestimate how important mutual pleasure is to my happiness.

5. What’s one thing you love and one thing you tolerate about Sotiris?

I love his cheeky sense of humor, he gives me belly laughs every day and can crack anyone up. I tolerate his impassioned lectures about macronutrients and the latest STEM research.



The Inventor

Sotiris is a product designer. Over the last 8 years, he’s brought multiple award-winning products to market with one of the UK’s leading design consultancies. A keen innovator, he believes sex toys should not replace the need for people to prioritize mutual pleasure in sexual interactions. He brings design-thinking to Cunni’s products and practices, and a male perspective to the ongoing dialogue about pleasure equality.

1. What have you rebelled against in your life?

The mindless following of the rules. On the surface, some rebellions can seem inane but commonly accepted behaviors or ideas need to be challenged in order for society to progress. After all, it was once against the rules for women to vote.

2. What’s your 4-word life story?

Laughter, growth, love, purpose

3. What was your last paradigm shift?

Knowing when you need to be right, or when you should let things go. Sometimes, being logically correct can come at the expense of upsetting people closest to you.

4. What is your “never again” moment?

Working on something I don’t believe in. Life is too short.

5. What’s one thing you love and one thing you tolerate about Alison?

I love how she fills the room with a glowing energy and her smile is infectious. I tolerate how she needs to have the final say on nearly every choice of restaurant.

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